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Here you can read or search for some of the frequantly asked questions that are sent to support, if your question is not answered here use the contact us page.

What is Alpha Testing?

    Alpha testing is used to describe the time when the game is still in development.

    Even before a game is complete, it needs testing to get rid of any major bugs as the game is produced.

    Beta testing refers to the next stage, once the game is fully made.
    These tests are usually much larger than alpha tests but hopefully the testers should not find any major bugs because they will all have been found during the alpha testing.

    FreeWorld itself is currently in Alpha testing and there is no official date for when it will proceed into beta testing.

    Anyone can join in the alpha test, however they have to signup (go here for further info) during a signup period in order to get a FreeWorld account (which is needed to play the game and to login to this site).

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