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Here you can read or search for some of the frequantly asked questions that are sent to support, if your question is not answered here use the contact us page.

How do I log into the game?

    Once you've downloaded and installed the game first run it then on the account login screen you will need to enter your account number, name and email.

    Note: You should have recieved an email with your account number and other details, if you have not or have deleted it you can get it resent to you by loging into the site, going to the account page and clicking the button at the bottom.

    Once you've filled in your account details, click the "Email verification code" button to get another email containing an unlock code.
    This code will only work during the day it is sent (based on the GMT timezone), however you can always get a new code by clicking the same button.

    Once you recieve this code, copy (Ctrl + C) it from the email and paste (Ctrl + V) it into the account login screen, and click the Login button.

    The game will patch itself to ensure it is 100% up to date, display the latest news and then show you the game login screen.

    From here you can adjust game options, or login to the game itself.

    Type a username and password of your choice (if it doesn't exist you will be taken to the create character screen), make sure a server is selected, and click the login button.

    The game will now start to load.

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